Mobile repairs for all wheel related problems.

We Offer Mobile Wheel Bearing,
CV Joint And Ball Joint Repairs

Of course, an part of your car to keep in perfect working order are the wheel bearings. Our team of mobile mechanics can help repair wheel bearings, wheel hubs, CV joints and driveshaft problems.

If your car generally runs well, you can often take these parts for granted. Like anything on your vehicle though, they will deteriorate over time.

You don’t need to go to the hassle of taking your car to a garage to get wheel bearings, wheel hubs, CV joints and driveshaft issues looked at though. The BrakeTech team will happily come out to you, at a time to suit!

Technical Wheel Bearing Picture

What Are The Signs
Of Bad Wheel Bearings?

Wheel bearings allow your wheels to turn without resistance. In good working order, you’ll experience smooth steering. They also support the balancing of your car’s weight when turning. This means over a period of time they can become worn out. Water getting to them and the bearings beginning to rust is also a common cause of wheel bearing wear and tear.

These are some of the things you should watch out for, which could indicate your wheel bearings need replacing:

  • Excessive ‘play’ from your steering wheel
  • A feeling of vibration through your steering wheel
  • The car’s wheels making a ‘rumbling’ sound when you’re driving
  • You can hear a droning or humming at higher speeds
  • Abnormal tyre wear (tyres should wear fairly evenly if all is well)

Is It Safe To Drive With
Damaged Or Worn Wheel Bearings?

Are you noticing some of the tell-tale wear and tear signs, detailed above? If so, they’ll only get worse over time. It’s a good idea to have your car checked over now.

It’s also worth noting that, in addition to normal wear and tear, if you’ve hit a pot-hole particularly hard or have collided with a curb, these accidents can have a significant impact on your wheel bearings.

If you’re worried about the stability of your car, you should get it checked over by one of our mobile technicians straight away.

With our mobile wheel bearing replacement services, we’ll get the parts changed at the best price to ensure your car remains in tip-top condition.

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Picture of a BMW M Sport Wheel

What’s The Process For
A Wheel Hub And Bearing
Assembly Replacement?

Broadly, the BrakeTech team use the following process:

  • The brake components, including brake caliper, along with all wheel hub and wheel bearing parts, are removed.
  • Full assembly of new components or a bearing pressed into the wheel hub is installed on to the axle.
  • All brake components are re-installed.
  • The car is road-tested to make sure all is well.

If you’ve got any questions at all about these technical aspects or want further advice, feel free to call us on 0161 6410926.

CV Boots And CV Joints
By BrakeTech

In this instance CV means ‘constant velocity’. CV boot kits and CV joints are important components when it comes to transferring torque to your car’s wheels and helping control up and down suspension movements.

A CV Boot kit is designed to cover all CV joints and helps protect them from water/rust and loss of grease. A crack or tear in the CV boot can cause issues for your CV joints. It’s important to keep CV boots in good working order to avoid further complications.

A CV joint is designed to attach your car’s transmission to the wheels. It’s crucial that CV joints remain lubricated and corrosion free. This is because moisture and dirt can often cause them to fail due to this corrosion or loss of lubrication.

If your car is making a loud clicking sound when your steering is on full lock, it’s time to replace your CV joints.

The team of  mobile mechanics here at BrakeTech can replace CV boot kits or CV joints at a time and place to suit you. Contact us to book your appointment now.


Need New Ball Joints?

Ball joints are found at the ends of your steering rods and, just like CV joints, they can break or wear out over time. If your ball joints are failing, your car will likely be noticeably poor over bumpy surfaces.

If you think you might need replacement ball joints, or you’ve had your car checked over elsewhere and they’ve suggested you have your ball joints replaced, our team of expert technicians can help.

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Driveshaft Inspections
And Replacements

If your vehicle is making clunking or squealing noises, or it’s shuddering and vibrating when you’re driving, you might have a driveshaft issue.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend hours of your day at a local garage to have your driveshaft inspected or repaired. BrakeTech can come out to you, meaning you can get on with your day with minimal disruption. Whether you’re at home or at your place of work, we’ll make life as easy as possible.

No matter if it’s joints or any other components critical to the healthy maintenance of your driveshaft, here at BrakeTech we always use the best parts. We aim to deliver 100% customer satisfaction and get you moving again quickly.

Speak To Our Mobile
Wheel Repair Experts Today!

Our friendly and talented team of mobile mechanics and wheel bearing technicians will come out to you, whether you’re at home or at the office.

We can arrange a convenient time to give your car a check over or replace key components such as wheel bearings, CV joints and driveshafts.

Whether you’re concerned about an impending issue or need an urgent repair to get back on the road, our friendly team of qualified mechanics will see you right. 

Manchester Call Out Fee:
£20 Call Out (deducted from final bill)

Preston Call Out Fee:
£30 Call Out (deducted from final bill)

Bolton Call Out Fee:
£10 Call Out (deducted from final bill)

Wigan Call Out Fee:
£35 Call Out (deducted from final bill)

Blackburn Call Out Fee:
£20 Call Out (deducted from final bill)

Warrington Call Out Fee:
£35 Call Out (deducted from final bill)

Rochdale Call Out Fee:
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Burnley Call Out Fee:
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Braketech HQ - Tottington
£10 Call Out (deducted from final bill)