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If you’ve ever experienced a brake failure or heard the horror stories of someone’s brakes failing, you’ll understand how crucial it is to properly maintain your car’s braking system.

Despite the importance, it can be a hassle having to get to your local garage, waiting patiently to be seen. Then waiting some more while the mechanics do what they need to do.

That’s why BrakeTech offer a full mobile mechanic, brake check and repair service. We’ll come to you at a time to suit, letting you get on with your day.


Mobile Brake Checks
By BrakeTech

We offer various mobile brake services. If problems are identified, our mobile mechanics can help replace and repair the following:

Do I Need A Brake Inspection?

That’s a great question. What can you watch out for to ensure your brakes stay in tip-top condition? Well, some of the common tell-tale signs that your brakes might not be working properly include:

Whilst you might initially just think it’s a bit irritating, grinding or squeaking coming from the brakes should demand your immediate attention. If your brakes are grinding, it usually means the brake pads are heavily worn and need replacing. If you don’t act fast, it could damage the brake disc and end up costing you a lot more money. If your brakes are squeaking it could be for several reasons, including worn brake pads or a stuck brake caliper. In any event, to avoid further damage or complications, you should have your brakes checked over.

Are you getting an odd ‘’pulsating’’ sensation from the brake pedal when you apply the anchors? This could indicate the brake disc is getting too hot and has warped. If the disc warps, this pulsation will happen because the disc is no longer completely flat which affects how the brake pads interact with it. If you’re worried about this or find this happening more and more often, call our team and have your brakes checked.

Sponginess or softness in a brake pedal is something that requires urgent attention. It usually means the brake fluid is ineffective. This could happen for a variety of reasons including air getting into the brake lines, a leak, or the brake fluid needing to be replaced. If the brake pedal goes completely limp there could be many other serious reasons too, such as a master cylinder fault. In any event, we urge you to stop driving and contact us straight away.

Speaking of brake fluid, even if your brakes seem to be working fine, it’s important to properly maintain the fluid. It’s recommended that you should change your brake fluid at least every two years. Beyond two years, the fluid becomes less effective as it absorbs moisture and makes the operation of the braking system less effective.

It goes without saying, if a dashboard warning light comes on, you need to do something about it. If your brake warning light appears when you step on the pedal or it stays on permanently, this would usually suggest your brake fluid is dangerously low. There could also be a leak in the brake hoses or one of several other issues leading to the warning light’s appearance. In any event, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Our team would be happy to take a look for you.

When you hit the brake pedal, your car should stop in a straight line. If it pulls to either the left or right when you brake, it indicates a problem. A full brake check-up will identify exactly what the issue is. It’s highly likely that it’ll be as a result of a sticking component such as a seized-up brake caliper, for example.

The last thing you need is your brakes failing when you need them most, or not working as you expect them to. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, contact us today.

If you’ve got any doubts at all about whether your brakes are performing properly, you should get one of our mobile mechanics to come and check them over for you.

Our highly trained brake technicians provide robust checks to ensure good maintenance of your vehicle’s braking system. Regular inspections and maintenance of your brakes can avoid large, unnecessary, bills and potentially very serious component failures.

When Should I
Replace My Brakes?

This all depends on use. Has your vehicle travelled 60,000 miles on a motorway, where your brakes haven’t been called into action much? Or have you done 20,000 miles of town driving, featuring lots of stopping and starting?

If you’re unsure of your brake’s wear and tear, we can help. By instructing the BrakeTech team to carry out a check of your braking system, we’ll examine all components to fully understand the cause of any problems.

Our technicians will restore your vehicle braking system to as close to the original manufacturer specifications as possible. We only use the very best parts to help ensure your cars safety standards.

Car having brakes replaced with Braketech mobile mechanics

My Handbrake's Stuck!
What Do I Do?

Call us!

Whether you have a manual or electronic parking brake, our team have experienced all sorts of issues where people have become stranded due to their handbrake getting stuck.

Here at BrakeTech we have the latest technology to safely release and repair your electronic or manual parking hand brake.

We’ll do everything possible to get to you quickly and resolve the issue so you can get on with your day.

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Our friendly and talented team of mobile mechanics and brake technicians are always on hand to point you in the right direction. We cover the whole North West.

Whether you want your brake system given a once over or have a specific component requiring repair or replacement, we can help.

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