Wheel Bearings & Hubs 

Wheel bearings can suffer the effects of wear and tear over time.  In particular, water can have a real impact, causing rust or affecting the grease that surrounds them.  Good quality wheel bearings allow your cars wheels to turn smoothly and support the weight of the vehicle.


Are you noticing your wheels making a rumbling sound?  Does the steering wheel feel to have to much 'play'?  If so, you may need to have your wheel bearings looked at, and who better to do it, but BrakeTech Mobile!  At home, at work, or at your leisure.


CV Boots

CV boot kits are designed to cover all the important constant velocity joints (CV joints) that attach to each end of a drive shaft, and also protects the CV Joint by preventing water ingress and stops loss of grease. CVs act to transfer a constant speed torque to the wheels as well as support up and down suspension motion

CV Joints

If your car is making a loud clicking noise when you turn the steering wheel, it might be time to get a replacement CV joint.

CV joints that attach a car's transmission to the wheels can over time become worn. Moisture and dirt cause them to fail due to lack of lubrication and corrosion, especially if the CV boot is cracked or torn. The Inner joint failure may cause vibration or clunking when accelerating or decelerating.



Front wheel drive vehicles use frontal driveshafts usually referred to as half shafts.  If you car is shuddering, vibrating, clunking or squealing then you may have a driveshaft problem.  Driveshafts can also be damaged by kerbing wheels or not replacing cv boots when worn.

If you have experienced one or more of these symptoms, BrakeTech offers a free no obligation inspection of these components.We can attend your vehicle at home, work or at your leisure and identify any problems.



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